In the oil-rich Gulf, public displays of private wealth are everywhere. The prosperous buy expensive license plates for supercars and gold-plated iPhones.But when it comes to giving money away, rich Arabs prefer to do so quietly, in keeping with Islamic tradition.
"Often the motivation behind giving money away is driven by religion, history or origin and that is very true of the Middle East," said John Canady, CEO of the National Philanthropic Trust U.K, a charity that advises donors. "Under certain religious obligations, it's important to be private and not boastful about your philanthropy," he said. Since June 2004 we have awarded over 9 billion to projects supporting health, education, environment and charitable purposes, from early years intervention to commemorative travel funding for World War Two veterans. Our funding supports the aspirations of people who want to make life better for their communities. We deliver funding throughout the UK, mostly through programmes tailored specifically to the needs of communities in England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland as well as some programmes that cover the whole UK.

Our new strategy is to cover the world helping to eradicate poverty and create wealth using the new computerize automated cyber random selection system. This system has been made possible by our gaint partners such as Google Inc, Ebay, Alibaba and some private Telecoms gaints. With the cooperation of these partners, accurate statistical data can be rellied upon to generate our winners.

Universal Integrated Charity Foundation is made of reputable wealthy individuals with pockets of supports from some corporate organizations around the world. These individuals have seen it mandatory to continously keep giving in various ways both directly to the public also to goverment agencies.

Our Board and Committees

We are governed by a Board comprising the CEO/President, the four chairs of the country committees and up to seven other members.

Each country has a committee responsible for the funding programmes in their country; the Board has also appointed a committee for UK-wide funding.

The Board sets the Fund’s strategic framework, and the committees, working within this framework, have delegated authority to determine the programmes in their countries. They also make grant decisions, or agree the delegated arrangements for making them, within these programmes.

All Board members are appointed by the Minister for the Cabinet Office. Members of country committees are appointed by us. The Devolved Administrations are fully involved in the appointments relating to their countries.

All Board and committee members are appointed following an open process of advertisement and selection.

We are currently in the process of developing a new international funding offer that will compliment thepost-2015 Sustainable Development Goals as well as the Fund’s new Strategic Framework.






Ceo - President

Sheik Bin Abdullah


Roman Abramovich

Governor BoT

Birgit Rausing

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